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RE: Online survey of syntactic analysis tool use


From: John Foliot - bytown internet
Date: Feb 28, 2002 9:13AM


It never ceases to amaze me how people who proporte to work in the
accessibility arena, especially in web development/delivery, appear to me to
be talking through their hat. I have visited your website and make the
following observations:

1) I am using IE 6, yet your "sniffer ("
tells me I am using an old brower. The script you are using is WRONG and
should be updated as IE 6 is the DEFAULT BROWSER SHIPPING WITH WINDOWS XP.
I might also sugges that the message being outputted should be re-worded as
it comes off "snobby".

2) the single most important thing any web site can do to ensure
accessibility is be sure it validates. Does yours?
<retorical question>


I have filled out your survey, but to summarize, a total reliance on
automated evaluations is not sufficient. There is a gage on your car's
dashboard to monitor oil in your car, yet you still have the kid at the
garage "check the oil" from time to time, right? Why?

John Foliot
bytown internet
Ottawa, Ontario

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> From: Amy Thurston [mailto: <EMAIL REMOVED> ]
> Sent: February 27, 2002 8:26 PM
> Subject: Online survey of syntactic analysis tool use
> Dear web design colleagues,
> UserWorks is investigating current practices and perceived needs
> regarding "syntactic analysis tools" for Web design. By
> "syntactic analysis tools" we mean software routines that
> automatically check your code against guidelines for designing
> Web user interfaces for improved usability and/or accessibility.
> If you are a Web designer, we would appreciate your responses to
> the online survey located at
> http://survey.userworks.com/syntactic/
> whether or not you currently use a syntactic analysis tool or
> have in the past. The questionnaire can be completed online or
> printed out and faxed to us. It should take no more than about 5
> - 10 minutes of your time. We will provide, by e-mail, a summary
> of the findings to all respondents. In order to be of most use to
> us, we need your response within the next few days.
> Please be assured that there are no right or wrong answers and we
> are not, in any way, trying to evaluate you. We are interested in
> your candid assessment of any tools that you have tried to date,
> which features you would prefer in a next generation tool, and
> the extent to which you foresee syntactic analysis tools being of
> use to you in the future. All responses are strictly
> confidential. Responses will be reported only in aggregate form,
> with no identifying information about individual respondents.
> Thank you for your time and interest. If you have questions,
> please contact us.
> Dick Horst
> UserWorks, Inc.
> 301-431-0500
> www.userworks.com
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