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Re: line length and myth of the fold


From: Karl Groves
Date: Apr 18, 2008 2:40PM

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> Karl Groves wrote:
> > It seems to me the burden of proof is on the shoulders of those who
> > claim long lines are bad.
> No, it isn't. It is (for some values of "long") an established expert
> opinion and recommendation, backed up by several studies. It is
> fruitless to raise the issue as if it were something new and
> extraordinary.

Which experts would those be, exactly? The typography experts you mentioned
Apart from the bare assertion fallacy you create above, I've not yet seen
any evidence presented by you that long lines are bad and, furthermore, that
there's any quantitative (or heck, even qualitative) evidence that people
with cognitive disorders have problems with long text lines. Until that's
done, we clearly have nothing more to add to this thread.