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Re: ordinal numbers


From: Viable Design
Date: Apr 30, 2008 4:50PM

The fact is, however, that most sources I've seen (as an English teacher by
non-summer weekday) do, in fact, refer to ordinal numbers using numerals as
abbreviated forms of the non-numeral ordinal numbers.

Jo Hawke

On Wed, Apr 30, 2008 at 6:29 PM, Jukka K. Korpela < <EMAIL REMOVED> >

> Andy Mabbett wrote:
> > My dictionary gives abbreviation as "A shortened form of a word or
> > phrase".
> Agreed.
> > "59th" is a short form of "fifty ninth", is it not?
> No, it isn't. Just being shorter does not make it a shortened form or
> short form.
> Is "sata" a short form of "hundred"? It is shorter, is it not?
> Being an abbreviation means that you have omitted something to make an
> expression shorter. In effect, you leave out some characters. You might
> add some punctuation to indicate it as an abbreviation, or you might
> change lowercase to uppercase, but you don't just use something else.
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