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Re: Foreign: Conditional fields in forms


From: Moore, Michael
Date: May 15, 2008 7:40AM

Eoin Campbell Wrote

Which colours do you like:
- Blue
- Red
- Green
- Other (please specify)

When a respondent chooses "Other",
they need to fill in a text box to specify the alternative.
Survey Gizmo offers 3 different ways of implementing this, and I would
like to know if one is more accessible than the others.

1. Textbox field always present

Mikes opinion: No significant accessibility barriers, though usability
could be improved by correctly implementing number 2, and saving users a
few tab stops.

2. Textbox field dynamically made visible (using JavaScript)
on current page if respondent checks 'Other'.

Mikes opinion: This is the best option when implemented correctly. If
JS is not available the form should revert to number 1. Focus should be
placed in the new text field when it is made available.

3. Textbox field appears as next displayed page,
if respondent checks 'Other', otherwise the
following question is displayed.

Mikes opinion: This is a fair option if you make sure that the question
that is presented with the text box on the new page is appropriate.
"Please specify other colors that you like" rather than "Other please
specify." This also requires multiple server calls and could be slow for
people some people at some times.