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From: Emma Duke-Williams
Date: May 29, 2008 3:20AM

2008/5/28 Shawn Henry < <EMAIL REMOVED> >:

> You can instead (or in addition) teach users how to change the text size using their browser functionality. See "Text Resize Widgets and Fishing" at http://www.uiaccess.com/textresizewidgetno.html
> ~Shawn

I also rather like the toolbar that Techdis supply (
http://www.techdis.ac.uk/index.php?p=3_13 ) as that lets users adjust
the colours etc., on a page by page basis. It's drawback is that
unlike changing the browser settings, it only applies to a particular
page, and it's IE specific & requires installing, so not ideal if
you're out & about. However, it's also easy to use, and doesn't
require people having to remember which menu options to select to
change colours/font faces etc, (And, of course, there's a similar
Firefox tool)

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