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Re: how to detect images having math expressions


From: Steve Green
Date: Jun 4, 2008 3:40AM

This is a typical example of how automated tools waste so much of your time.
It's ludicrous to automatically generate this warning based on the size of
an image. If the tool is configurable I would turn off this check and any
others like it.

The only way to programmatically test for the presence of text or math
expressions is to use some form of OCR. I do not believe there are any
automated tools that are capable of correctly assessing this checkpoint. It
would probably be more cost effective and reliable to produce a list of all
the images and have someone (this need only be a very cheap resource) look
at them all and flag any that contain text or math expressions.

This is really just an extension of checkpoint 1.1, which begs the question
how are verifying that all images have appropriate 'alt' attributes?


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Subject: [WebAIM] how to detect images having math expressions

Is there any programmatic way of detecting use of math expressions inside
How do existing accessibility checkers deal with it?
Something like looking at height and width?
"This error is generated for all img elements that have a width and height
greater than 100. "
Looking for pointers to related research.
Shrirang Prakash Sahasrabudhe
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