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Suggestion for improving usability of WebAIM forum emails


From: Claudia Alden Case
Date: Jul 10, 2008 1:20PM

I receive the daily digest of the WebAIM forum messages. I love getting the
digest but I find it difficult to follow a thread when it's passed along as
numerous attachments in an email, as with today's digest: Vol 40, Issue 3.

I thought of a couple ways to make the digest email more user-friendly:

1) Incorporate the Today's Topics into the body of the email instead of
making it an attachment.

2) Add a link in the body of the email that navigates to an online version
of the WebAIM-Forum Digest for that day. (e.g., Vol 40, Issue 3).

Hope you don't mind receiving suggestions.


Claudia Alden Case
User Experience Consultant I Alden Case Enterprises, Inc.

email: <EMAIL REMOVED> I phone: (650) 592-4675 I web: