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Accessibility vs. Google and Microsoft Exchange


From: Kara Zirkle
Date: Jul 14, 2008 8:30AM


I am finding that the free email rush of Google and Microsoft Exchange is
hitting the higher education environment quickly. Both emails provide
productive functionality for a college student, I'm more concerned about the
accessibility view of things. While looking at the two applications, I do
not see much information on Google Accessibility. Where Microsoft Exchange
has a Light version of email but even then has some functionality taken away
that of what their "regular" Exchange offers. So my question is where do we
draw a line and say which is the more accessible version for our students
when neither are really very accessible? I would love to talk to
universities, colleges and users of either of these free email systems in
higher education in regard to accessibility pros and cons. I would like to
discuss further how different universities and colleges came to their
decision between the two or others based upon accessibility. Any
information is much appreciated.

Thank you,

Kara Zirkle

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