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Re: Accessibility vs. Google and Microsoft Exchange


From: Tech
Date: Jul 15, 2008 9:30AM

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<pre wrap="">Christian Heilmann wrote:
&lt;&lt;If you are looking for a framework that does a great job implementing
ARIA, check out Dojo.&gt;&gt;

Thanks for this, Christian. We gave up on Dojo over two years ago, finding it very dense, and documentation spotty. I just looked into their progress and they certainly have improved things. I worry about AOL/AIM, which is heavily dojo, and one of the buggier sites I know.
But one framework as dense as dojo is never going to be a general solutions library to solve this problem. Sigh...

Christian Heilmann wrote:
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<pre wrap="">~G~ wrote:
<blockquote type="cite">
<pre wrap="">This is the major hurdle that WAI-ARIA is and will hopefully solve.
Creating accessibility solutions for the RIA's which include javascript
frameworks/applications such as what Google is doing.

<pre wrap=""><!---->Yes and no. the Danger there is that ARIA becomes a silver bullet. While
it is true that ARIA is there to bridge the gap between HTML and RIA and
get asssistive technology support as a freebie it is not an excuse to
build applications that assume your browser can do things instead of
testing for them.

<blockquote type="cite">
<pre wrap="">I would say that that the js framework that supports ARIA more complete,
will be the one to get behind, support and work with in creating accessible
RIA solutions.

<pre wrap=""><!---->Yes, the bigger issue is however the browser support. As long as we are
stuck with IE6, ARIA is not a solution. We need to clean out all the
things that are dependent on IE6, but these are systems that were built
with a 5 year support contract and a big IT company name and not by
developers who appreciate the diversity of the web.

If you are looking for a framework that does a great job implementing
ARIA, check out Dojo.