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Accessibility problems with last.fm Beta gone live.


From: shawn klein
Date: Jul 21, 2008 3:50PM

Hi. First I want to thank Steve in the UK again publicly for the help he gave me with the Pandora site since I responded off list.
a music site I've been using for about a year
has now gone live with their new Beta site, it uses a lot of Ajax drop-downs and such, and I've discovered some real accessibility issues I'm trying to give them feedback on, but I'm not technically inclined enough to say exactly what the problem is. Unfortunately if someone is to help me with this they will have to register for a free account, and then attempt to tag some music, then remove the tags. This is the issue I'm having trouble with. On the old site, if I wanted to remove a tag I had given to an artist, album or track, I only needed to click the "tag this" link on the page, a drop-down would appear with my existing tags for that item, I could add and or remove what I wished, and then click the "tag it" button and it was done. Now with the new system I have to click "more", then "add tags" which appears at the very bottom of the page, then an empty edit box appears with links above it representing the tags I had previously used. The problem is
those links are just links. What seems to be the case as explained here:
is that there seem to be check boxes embedded in this edit box, and so with Window Eyes 6.0 and IE6 or Fireffox2 they don't show up at all. We seem to be at a loss in the forum, noone has come up with a reason why this is the case, that's why I'm asking for help here. Greatly appreciated, and hopefully I can help make this site accessible again. I also am having issues with some settings functions represented by a gear icon above the top artists and top tracks lists that would drop down some combo boxes that would allow me to adjust how many are displayed on my profile page. In firefox2 the gear doesn't register at all, and in ie6 the "make it so" button in the drop-down doesn't work and generates "error on page". I only know that because my mother was looking at the screen, Window Eyes didn't read the error. If you find a solution, please also post it in the forum there. Thanks.
Shawn Klein