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Re: New Browser for Cell Phones


From: Jennifer Sutton
Date: Jul 22, 2008 3:50PM


At the risk of taking this topic too far down the accessible cell
phones road, I'd make a few quick points:

1. The Blind Phones list mentioned below has extraordinarily high
traffic as does any other cell phone list related to access for blind
folks that I've heard about or subscribed to.

2. Here are a couple of noteworthy Web sites in the accessible cell
phones for blind folks arena:




3. Finally, AFB's AccessWorld often has comparisons of accessible
cell phones and the like. These can be found via a search of the
magazine's archives. Start here:


At 12:55 PM 7/22/2008, you wrote:

>John wrote:
> > Accessibility of these devices will likely always be tricky, since you
> > dealing with some issues that are hardware/software specific: for
>example I
> > do not think that there is any text-to-speech software for cell phones
> > (does anyone know differently?),
>There's MobileSpeak for Window's mobile.
>I have it running on an htc shadow.
>Nuance has another for Symbian based phones called TALKS,
>If you would like to learn more about visual impairments and cell phones
>there is a email list for discussion of cell phone accessibility issues.