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Re: multi-lingual CAPTTCHA


From: Hoffman, Allen
Date: Jul 28, 2008 6:30AM

I am looking for a CAPTCHA that would produce audio with the language
specified in the previously selected choice of language. For example,
front page has language selection, and then brings up CAPTCHA, with
audio alternative. When audio CAPTCHA alternate is selected, it would
use pronunciation rules for that selected language.

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From: Christophe Strobbe [mailto: <EMAIL REMOVED> ]
Sent: Friday, July 25, 2008 3:32 PM
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Subject: Re: [WebAIM] multi-lingual CAPTTCHA

At 00:17 24/07/2008, you wrote:
>Does anyone have examples of CAPTTCHA with audio alternatives that are
>multi lingual? Pronunciation of alphanumerics is not the same in all
>languages, so if someone selects Japanese and gets Japanese text, are
>there any audio alternatives that include such various languages in the

>synthetic speech used?

Do you mean audio CAPTCHAs that our "localized" according to the
language of the rest of the page or do you really mean audio CAPTCHAs
that contain speech in more than one language?
I did a quick search for audio CAPTCHAs in French, German and Dutch.
eBay France uses a visual CAPTCHA and an audio CAPTCHA in French. Since
the rest of the registration page is only available in French, I see no
reason to provide the audio in languages other than French. (I didn't
see a CAPTCHA on the registration page of the German eBay site or on the
two versions (French and Dutch) of the Belgian eBay site, nor on the
Dutch eBay.nl. I also checked Yahoo France and Yahoo Deutschland; they
use purely visual CAPTCHAs.)

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