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Re: best approach for accessible / fluid layout


From: Keith Parks
Date: Aug 21, 2008 1:40PM

A few reactions:

On Aug 20, 2008, at 7:44 AM, Brid Deely wrote:

> I would really appreciate some suggestions as to how best to make this
> design accessible. For example, is the centre column too wide in
> option 1 at
> 1600x1200?

IMHO, Yes, the maxwidth of the center column leads to uncomfortably-
long lines at 1600.

> Should we use ems for the centre column?

I'd have to see it. In theory it would help with the readability
issue, but in practical use, if someone has a "cinema" type display,
and is stretching their browser window out to the 1600+ pixel range,
and then blowing up the font size so much that the center column
spec'd in EMs would fill the possible space alloted, well, there are
other potentially more serious issues occurring at that point that
I'm not sure you need to worry about at what point the center column
stops expanding.

> Even though option 2 is not fluid beyond 1024x768 is it better in
> view of
> the improved readability?

To me, yes, the fixed width is the better choice, particularly if you
are focussing on the "up to 200%" font size adjustment. It reacts
fairly well to font-size changes, yet holds up better in regular font
size ranges but in a wide browser windows.

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