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Re: University of Texas Accessibility Institute to close.


From: Moore, Michael
Date: Aug 28, 2008 3:30PM

Cynthia Waddell wrote:

Thank you for the heads-up on this sad news. Is the decision purely
on financial and funding issues?

Mike: The form letter that those of us who have written to the
University to advocate for the Institute have received states that the
Institute cannot continue to exist without Dr. Slatin. I do not believe
that the University of Texas cannot attract someone in the academic
community with the interest and ability to carry on John and Kay's work.
My sources at UT tell me that there was never an attempt to find a new
head for the Institute. The position was never posted. Other UT faculty
members have expressed a desire to continue the Institute.

Do you believe that the university had all
pertinent information before them when they made this decision?

Mike: No, we are actively trying to provide them with the information
and encouragement that they need to reverse their decision. All help
would be greatly appreciated.

So much is
going on in the US and the world that I am surprised that the university
taking itself out of the loop.

Mike: So am I.