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Re: text equivalent for words in a video?


From: Moore, Michael
Date: Sep 23, 2008 12:20PM

Audio description as a separate audio track would meet the needs of
blind users. A transcript that included descriptions of what is
happening in the video for people who are deaf/blind. Captions of the
sound effects may add meaning for deaf users.


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Hi folks.

I have a video that consists of words (text) moving around on the
screen. There are some "swoosh" sound effects, but no dialog. In what
form would I create the equivalent text alternative?

If it was a regular graphic, I'd do it as an alt, or possibly
longdesc. But how to code this for an embedded video? Maybe nested
<embed> tag within the video's <embed> tags?

I could caption it, but do screen readers read the text out of caption

Thanks for any ideas or references,


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