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Re: Word Accessibility with JAWS


From: Info @ Karlen Communications
Date: Sep 24, 2008 5:00AM

The only issues I've had with JAWS reading alt text on images in Word 2003
or 2007 is when I'm using the Down Arrow to go through parts of a document
line by line. JAWS might say "slash" for an image but if I go above the
image and either SayAll or read by paragraph, it does read the Alt Text. I
have my verbosity setting for labeled graphics and picture and graphical
objects detection is turned on.

I create a lot of documents with images and always use Alt Text and captions
and would say that 90 percent of the time JAWS is finding the Alt Text, the
exception being the above scenario.

Cheers, Karen

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None of our speech users are using 2007 word (or any 2007 office
products) at Florida Blind Services yet because with speech it is still very
cumbersome to use.

JAWs still ignores text boxes. Our staff have the latest version, but again,
they are not reading docx which adds an alt tag to the text box.

The new Window's Eyes is out, I will be checking to see the status with it
soon. Window Eye's can read some things in Word 2003 (like the alt on the
graphics) which JAWs ignores. But JAws seems to do better with Flash
products. Can't wait to see what the new version of Window's Eyes does.

I used to be able to check HAL, but our only HAL user doesn't work at
Florida Blind Services anymore. How powerful is it?
To me as a sighted user, I am able to create accessible documents much
easier with 2007 office products. The ugly codes often left by 2003 isn't
there. However, some of the new kool features, like doing e-mail surveys
and putting them into access still are not accessible with out someone who
knows how to RE-code the unreadable text.
On Wed, Sep 17, 2008 at 11:42 AM, Jason Maseberg-Tomlinson < <EMAIL REMOVED>
> wrote:

> Does anyone have advice on the use of Text Boxes in Word XP or 2007 with
> the most recent version of JAWS. In the past I have found that JAWS did
> read any text boxes and I am trying to find out if this is still the case.
> What I am trying to do is find out if it would be beneficial to a student
> using JAWS if we had a faculty member send a PowerPoint to Word with notes
> below the slides. My understanding is that this would not work and that
> JAWS would not recognize the text in the slides, only the note text.
> Thanks for any help in advance. I find this to be a very helpful
> community.
> Jason
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