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Re: Background Images, something new


From: Elizabeth J. Pyatt
Date: Oct 22, 2008 1:40PM

This is good to know, but it reminds me of the 508 requirement (at
least in the old 508) that pages be accessible/legible/usable even
with CSS turned off.

I would interpret that to mean that images specified in CSS
statements should be for pure visual decoration only....just in case
something like this happens.

Actually, I can see why a high-contrast mode might eliminate
background images if developers think most of them will interfere
with legibility.


P.S. I also agree that low vision users are very idiosyncratic in
their preferences. One gentleman in an online MBA program set his
preference to the Times New Roman font even though that is normally
considered a "bad" Web font.

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>Subject: [WebAIM] Background Images, something new
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>What I didn't realize is background images also disappear when Windows
>High Contrast mode is used.
>Windows High Contrast mode is a Windows OS accessibility option designed
>for people who have vision impairment. High Contrast increases
>legibility for some users by heightening screen contrast with
>alternative color combinations. Some of the schemes also change font
>sizes for greater legibility.

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