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Concern about ASP.NET validators and accessibility


From: Angela French
Date: Nov 12, 2008 11:05AM


I need some insight into how screen readers handle the CSS property:
value for display:none. I some forms that use asp validation controls
and they hide their potential error messages from sighted users using
display:none. It is my understanding the most screen readers do not
read elements that use display:none. I noticed when I test my form with
bad input that when it renders the error message, the source code still
shows a style of display:none. I'm not sure how it displays to me (a
sighted person) with display:none, but my big concern is with screen
reader users who may submit bad input. Do they hear the error message?

Any assistance on this, especially from asp.net programmers would be
greatly appreciated.


Angela French

Internet Specialist

State Board for Community & Technical Colleges