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Re: A list of one?


From: Cliff Tyllick
Date: Nov 19, 2008 3:55PM

Patrick Burke said:

>As a practical matter, it's time-consuming to hear "Definition list
>of 17 items", esp if DLs are used repeatedly throughout a page. By
>virtue of cutting out the 4-syllable word "definition", plain old ULs
>are easier to deal with in Jaws.
Cliff replied:
Yes, and perhaps if we remembered more frequently that it's possible to style a UL to display no bullets we would use it for these purposes rather than try to extend the definition of "definition" beyond the blatantly obvious.

To return to the original question, "Is it okay to have a list of one?"

No. Unless it is. And the situation described--lists of employees by department, with a few departments having only one each--looks like one of those "unless" cases to me. And a UL styled to show no bullets is the most reasonable of the proposals I've read so far.


Cliff Tyllick
Web development coordinator
Agency Communications Division
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality