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Re: Using color to distinguish a visual element


From: Emma Duke-Williams
Date: Dec 9, 2008 7:55AM

2008/12/9 Oscar DeLong < <EMAIL REMOVED> >:
> My vision is fine, I distinguish between colors just fine but I still
> look for links to be underlined.

And what I feel is even more important - though something I think
no-one here would be guilty of - underlining things that aren't links!

Personally, the colour (as long as it's different) , and the absence
of an underline isn't an issue - as long as it clearly stands out in
the page. Hover helps to confirm you've found the right place, but it
doesn't help you find it in the first place. I tend to stick to
default, though - if nothing else it saves the bother of having to add
extra lines to a css file. I take the lazy option on this one. :)

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