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Re: Using color to distinguish a visual element


From: Patrick H. Lauke
Date: Dec 9, 2008 4:20PM

Jablonski, James (LNI) wrote:
> Folks
> who use computers with other input methods like head wands, mouth wands,
> switches, sip-and-puff, etc. *really need accessibility*. They are not
> going to be using a pointing device to sort of scribble-scrabble over
> the screen to see if maybe that colored text, or that underlined or bold
> or visually arresting thing holds a secret passage to where lies
> something of additional value or function. Consistency is critical.

However, on this last point, those users will use some of their
alternative input device to tab from link to link, and not to move a
virtual cursor, so having a hover/focus state that's clear (or not
interfering with the default browser one) will alleviate the problem of
removing the blue/underline look of links. Again, not that I condone
visually styling links away...just fleshing out this aspect of the

Patrick H. Lauke