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Re: Alternative Web Browsers for Use with JAWS


From: Steve Green
Date: Dec 16, 2008 10:55AM

JAWS does behave differently with Firefox and Internet Explorer. A lot of
the time there is no difference but there are occasions when Internet
Explorer works better. I can't think of any content that has worked better
with Firefox.

It is not a matter of usability issues that the user can get used to. It's
largely due to differences in MSAA support that mean that Firefox does not
integrate as well with JAWS. This is not an issue for static content but it
is more so for dynamic content such as JavaScript and Flash.

However, the situation is improving all the time and at some point I expect
there will be little difference. Firefox 1.0 had no MSAA support and worked
very poorly with JAWS, so it has come a long way in just a few years.


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Given all of attacks out on the internet that focus on Internet Explorer,
are there any other web browsers that JAWS has a similar level of usability
that JAWS and IE do? While I know you can use Firefox with JAWS I'm under
the impression it's not as usable as JAWS with IE? Or does JAWS with
Firefox just take some getting used to?


Christopher Nagle
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