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HELP: Need a bug fixed in Firefox to support development of open source accessibility testing tools


From: Jon Gunderson
Date: Dec 19, 2008 1:00PM

There is a feature needed in Firefox to find out which DOM nodes have user interface event handlers.

This would allow Firefox Accessibility Extensions and tools like Firebug to test for features needed by people with disabilities to make dynamic web applications more accessible.

For example, nodes with mouse event handlers also need keyboard event handlers associated with them to help keyboard only users access the dynamic web content.

There is already a 6 month old bug in bugzilla on the issue, but it has not been assigned" to be fixed: "Bug 448602 - Have a way to enumerate event listeners"

URL to bugzilla:

If you have a bugzilla account you can add your vote to increase the
priority of the bug being fixed:


If you don't have an account, please create one and vote for this bug.

The more votes the more likely someone will be assigned to fix it.

Thank you for your help and happy holidays,
Jon Gunderson, Ph.D.
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