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How best to code "hidden" headings?


From: Cliff Tyllick
Date: Jan 27, 2009 8:40AM

I'm participating in a discussion among Drupal developers about the differences between different methods of adding headings for screen readers to pick up without having those headings appear onscreen---you know, the classic case of wanting a "Site Navigation" for screen readers to read without having to add that heading to the visual design, where (at least in the designer's opinion) it's obvious that it's site navigation.

Mike Gifford, the developer who is trying to get a solution built into Drupal's next release (and perhaps backported to the current release) has posed his question in the WebAIM forum ( http://webaim.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=356 ). I'm hoping those who know more about CSS, screen readers, and the ways screen readers work with CSS can help Mike be sure the solution he implements is valid.

Again, if Mike can get this wrapped up soon, this accessibility enhancement stands a good chance of being incorporated into the core code of Drupal 7.


Cliff Tyllick
Web development coordinator
Agency Communications Division
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality