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A couple of quick questions about Webinar Software/Services


From: Moore, Michael
Date: Feb 17, 2009 10:55AM

I am researching accessible webinar software and services and have a
couple of quick questions.

1. Does anyone know what EASI uses. Their software seems to work fairly
well at least for the archived webcasts?

2. Does anyone know of any accessible webinar software or services that
offer the following features.

Audio/Video feeds - one way or two way. Live or archive captioning?
Screen/Slide sharing - can the content of the slides be accessed using
Accessible chat features.

3. Does anyone have any specific experience with Talking Communities TC
server or TC Community builder.

Our agency has approximately 3000 staff geographically distributed
across the state of Texas and are looking for the ability to conduct
meetings and trainings with people located at multiple geographically
distributed sites. We have a large number of staff who use assistive
technologies including screen readers, screen magnifiers, Braille
displays, video relay, etc. The software needs to allow access for the
presenter and the attendees at the on-line events, thus the
administrative interface and the user interface need to be accessible.


Mike Moore
DARS Accessibility Coordinator
(512) 424-4159