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Re: Question regarding accessible badges or widgets for Facebook and Twitter


From: Patrick Burke
Date: Feb 19, 2009 12:55PM

A few comments below.

At 11:26 AM 2/19/2009, John E. Brandt wrote:
>I see someone already beat me to the answer regarding Accessible Twitter and
>Accessible Facebook. I've put the info on my blog
>http://www.jebswebs.net/blog/ - the Accessible Facebook appears to be a work
>in progress and I still can't find an actual application that can be used.

Yes, this is one of the Project:Possibility projects for student
programmers. They have another session scheduled here at UCLA in
early April. Unless other teams are working on it there probably
won't be much progress till then.

>The Twitter link is: http://www.accessibletwitter.com/ and though usable now
>is still being developed. BTW, one comment on Twitter from an screen reader
>user questioned why the need as apparently the plain ole Twitter site was
>pretty accessible.
The main Twitter site works fine for simple purposes. However, the
occasional changes to the Twitter web interface (Twinterface?) add or
break accessibility without rhyme or reason. So one "upgrade" broke
the keyboard access to the Reply button. The latest changes switched
from tables to lists for displaying tweets (I thought the tables
version was more efficient).

Presumably the API is (somewhat) more stable, so designing an
accessible app to use the API makes good sense.


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