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Re: accessible tree menus


From: Seth Kane
Date: Feb 24, 2009 9:00AM


What I would recommend is using a DHTML system that has all the event
handlers that allow for both mouse control and keyboard controls. I
would also make sure that the non-visible content is actually on the
page and can be read with a screen reader prior to any event handlers
firing. So what I am suggesting is using something like Suckerfish
Dropdowns that has all the content rendered on the page but off screen
for the people without disabilities and for people/screen readers the
content is always present and has no function tied directly to event
handlers and content/links.

Check out this... http://carroll.org.uk/sandbox/suckerfish/bones2.html

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> We provide as good a failsafe as we can for users in terms of
> accessibility. The best we can do. From that point, it is the
> responsibility of our customers to read the manual - especially when
> comes to an issue as important as accessibility. With our Tree Menu,
> failsafe mechanism is the "Show All/Hide All links. For hierarchical
> menus of all kinds, our position is fairly well covered here on a page

> linked to and discussed in our product manuals:

Thanks Al. i know with the menu he looked at it failed to have the Show

All/Hide All bit (not because of your programming but because the
implementer had altered it). there is going to be more conversation
going on ....


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