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Re: Image sprites and Accessibility checking


From: Seth Kane
Date: Feb 25, 2009 3:35PM

If you are using the FIR Technique (ie. Image Sprites) you just want to
represent the context/content of what the image is in the DIV, A, Etc...
of what you are using as the sprite. No more Alt Tags.

Old way.... <a href="#"><img src="something.jpg" alt="Click this button
to a new page"></a>

New Way...

<a href="#" id="button">Click this button to a new page</a>
#button {
Background: url(something.jpg) no-repeat;
Background-position: -50px 0px;

Seth Kane Sr. Presentation Layer Developer

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Subject: [WebAIM] Image sprites and Accessibility checking


I'm wondering if you guys at WebAIM or anyone on the list has had
experience with image sprites and accessibility testing. In particular,
since image sprites eliminate the use of the <IMG> tag, how do you check
for missing alt text? Any insight would be appreciated.


-- Adria Ellen Cullom