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Re: JAWS Accordion test


From: Priti Rohra
Date: Mar 23, 2009 8:10AM

Hi Al,

Well I have a totally different idea, why not let it work the same way for
screen reader users as it does for sighted individuals.
JAWS does identify it as "same page link", let users click on the link and
read the information thus displayed rather then making it available as
expanded menu in the first place.

This will avoid the confusion and the content will function uniformly for
all users. Currently it is making the information available to screen reader
users irrespective of the user's decision to click on the link.

I don't agree with the opinion of setting the href value to empty.
Consider a situation, where in accordion menus are used to present drop-down
menus for a website navigation, and all the sub-menus are read out for
screen reader users. How usable will it for screen reader users? They will
have no option to skip pass to the current menu and access the next one...


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> Hi Priti,
> Thanks for the feedback. We thought about the "same page link" but in our
> limited testing, users didn't seem to be confused. The panel triggers are
> technically named anchor links that point to the associated panel content.
> Allowing the triggers to be links also serves to make panel access more
> naturally accessible to people using keyboard or alternative pointing
> devices.
> Setting the href value to empty (href=""), however, retains the link
> functionality and seems to cause JAWS to not recite "same page link".
> Would
> that help, in your opinion?
> --
> Al Sparber - PVII
> http://www.projectseven.com
> From: "Priti Rohra" < <EMAIL REMOVED> >
>> Hi Al,
>> Yes, the accordion menu functions well with JAWS 10 & Jaws 7.0.
>> However, JAWS identified "Nursery Rhyme" and "Early Astronomer" as same
>> page
>> links for the user but no additional information was available to the
>> user
>> nor was the user pointed to another section on the page when these links
>> were clicked.
>> My only concern is that if the content is available for users as if the
>> menus were expanded then these options should not be identified as links
>> as
>> it creates doubts in user's mind.
>>> We've produced a little test with our latest accordion widget to see how
>>> it
>>> performs in JAWS 10. If anyone would care to look, there is a link to
>>> download or open an MP3 of the JAWS narrative for the test page:
>>> http://www.projectseven.com/products/tools/accordion2/accessible/jaws-test/