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Re: Captia/security boxes


From: Patrick Burke
Date: Mar 23, 2009 11:35AM

Hi Randi,

Twitter is using the Recaptcha service for its captchas. So the
mystery text/sounds are taken from historical documents or audio.
That means the audio is very hard to figure out! You might have to
try numerous times before you get an understandable one.


At 09:55 AM 3/23/2009, Randi wrote:
>Hi all,
>I'm sure you're familiar with those stupid captia boxes, where you
>must type the letters you see to prove you'r not a spammer. Most have
>a "listen to this" option but I haven't even figured those out. I
>tried to sign up for a twitter and could not get past their listen
>option. It says to type the 2 words, but it gives me an entire phrase
>when I listen. Does anyone know a work around?
>Also, I've heard of some sites simply asking a question like, what
>color is grass? If I were to write to sites that have these
>inaccessible or confusing captias, might I suggest an alternative? Are
>the open to that sort of thing? I had a sighted friend help set up
>Facebook, and they have an option to reply to a text message to
>eliminate further captias. This is great, but I needed a sighted
>person to help set it up.
>I'd like to get a twitter to see what all the fuss is about, but I'm stuck.