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Re: Alternatives for the CAPTCHA


From: Randi
Date: Mar 23, 2009 8:50PM

So basically the consensus is the a pop up menu, hidden, with only two
responses, "none selected" or "green" would not work because the
hacker computers could figure it out? Like I said, I have no idea how
these things are programmed so I just thought I'd throw the hidden
stuff in there for screenreaders since the other options, ie: listen
to this, don't work.

On 3/23/09, Chris Hoffman < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> Why not flip the problem on its head, and ask, "What are people really
> bad at that computers are good at?"
> Then provide a problem that a computer algorithm would get _right_,
> but that a human being would get _wrong_. Exploit the cognitive biases
> that we have but computers don't.
> Yet another approach would be to use natural language parsing
> problems, which are very difficult for computers. For example, ask
> "Which of the following is a valid English sentence: 'The dress Mom
> bought Dad's sister fits' or 'The dress Mom bought myself fits' ?"
> --Chris