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Re: Captia/security boxes


From: Cliff Tyllick
Date: Mar 24, 2009 11:10AM

Randi, if I knew a workaround from the customer's end, I would use it. Every site that has one of those nuisances should have a prominently featured alternative for people who can't succeed. And others on this list can testify, there are other highly effective ways to trap spambots without annoying real people at all.

I see perfectly well with my glasses on, and I still don't get all the visual captchas right. So once I tried an audio captcha. I couldn't hear it well enough to answer, and I don't need a hearing aid.

As you note, even when the captcha is based on seemingly simple questions, the correct answers aren't always obvious to everyone. "What color is grass?" Well, in most of Texas right now, the correct answer is "brown." If we don't get rain soon, the answer might be, "Huh? What's 'grass'?"

Most of us here are trying to remove this obstacle to access. If you can contact the owner of the site, let them know your displeasure.


>>> Randi < <EMAIL REMOVED> > 3/23/2009 11:55 AM >>>
Hi all,

I'm sure you're familiar with those stupid captia boxes, where you
must type the letters you see to prove you'r not a spammer. Most have
a "listen to this" option but I haven't even figured those out. I
tried to sign up for a twitter and could not get past their listen
option. It says to type the 2 words, but it gives me an entire phrase
when I listen. Does anyone know a work around?

Also, I've heard of some sites simply asking a question like, what
color is grass? If I were to write to sites that have these
inaccessible or confusing captias, might I suggest an alternative? Are
the open to that sort of thing? I had a sighted friend help set up
Facebook, and they have an option to reply to a text message to
eliminate further captias. This is great, but I needed a sighted
person to help set it up.

I'd like to get a twitter to see what all the fuss is about, but I'm stuck.


I'm not disabled, my eyes are. ;)