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Re: JAWS Accordion test


From: Al Sparber
Date: Mar 25, 2009 10:50AM

From: "Christophe Strobbe" < <EMAIL REMOVED> >

> Hi Al,
> At 01:57 22/03/2009, Al Sparber wrote:
>>We've produced a little test with our latest accordion widget to see how
>>performs in JAWS 10. If anyone would care to look, there is a link to
>>download or open an MP3 of the JAWS narrative for the test page:
> I'm coming to this discussion rather late but I'd like to know if you also
> considered sighted keyboard users when creating this test.
> It's impossible to discern keyboard focus on the headings in the
> accordion.
> Maybe you could apply the :hover colour change also to :focus in your CSS?
> (I hope I'm stating the obvious when I point out that the colour contrast
> in
> the test summary and the collapsed accordion headings is too low.)

Hi Christophe,

This rule remained in from initial testing:
.p7APM10 .p7APMtrig a:active, .p7APM10 .p7APMtrig a:focus {
outline: 1px dotted #ccc;

Removing it allows the user agent to use its default focus outline, which is
probably what we should have done. The other approach, of course, would be
to append the focus and active states to the hover selector.

Al Sparber - PVII