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Re: Info & Spec on XML-based VPAT format


From: Karl Groves
Date: Mar 27, 2009 12:35PM

Thanks, Jared. I've sent a message to them to find out more.

The Association for Accessible Technology has developed a VPAT database.
We've somewhat shelved the project mostly because we don't want to "compete"
with other VPAT databases - primarily when we have such scarce personnel
resources at the moment that we need to dedicate to other things. However,
if an XML-based format exists (or is in development), we may contemplate
reviving our project as well as concurrently developing an API for the
exchange of these XML-based VPATs.


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> > I keep hearing rumors about a supposed XML-based VPAT.  Google search
> comes
> > up empty.
> > Does anyone have any info on this?
> I keep hearing the same thing, but also don't have anything concrete
> to point to. I believe the XML spec has just been finalized or is
> still in process. Debra Ruh, John Kemp, Michael Takemura, Ken Salaets,
> and Aubrey Woolley presented a session at the CSUN conference on VPATs
> and I believe it included information on this new format, so you might
> try contacting one of them.
> Jared Smith
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