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Re: web accessibility research


From: Randi
Date: Apr 17, 2009 2:50PM

Very good points there. The survey did have a lack of professionality.
There are some typos as well. However, I did want to point out, she
does not ask for personal information, so that was comforting.


On 4/17/09, John Foliot < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> marie-jose zammit WROTE:
>> Hi I am a university student studying for a B.Sc.(Hons.) in Mathematics
> and
>> Informatics at the University of Malta and I am currently involved in a
> study
>> that is exploring the challenges persons with disabilities face when
> using
>> the Internet.
>> Part of the investigation consists in conducting a questionnaire. If
> anyone
>> wishes to participate please go on the following web site
>> http://www.webaccessibilityresearch.com/
>> Thank you for your time and assistance.
> Marie-Jose,
> This has come up before, but is worth repeating again.
> Depending on who this survey is geared towards, you may in fact be asking
> people to self-identify as being 'disabled' - this may or may not be an
> issue on an individual, case-by-case basis, but it brings into question
> concerns surrounding anonymity and privacy considerations.
> As well, you are posting from a hotmail account. While I fully understand
> that today most students are using web-based email addresses, for any type
> of 'official' request such as this, using your actual university email
> address lends more credibility to your request. Hosting your survey
> within the confines of the university's web-space will also help with its
> overall perception as being both legitimate and rigorously controlled both
> in terms of methodology but likely also in terms of privacy and lack of
> 'hidden agenda'. Finally, referencing an 'authorative' figure (your
> professor or research coordinator) in your 'formal request' will also
> strengthen your case - it again assures potential respondents that this is
> a legitimate research project, and not a 'scam' to collect data that might
> be used for other reasons.
> Some points to consider.
> JF
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