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Re: quotes and the <blockquote> element


From: John E. Brandt
Date: Apr 30, 2009 11:55AM

I did a quick search to refresh my memory on "rarely used HTML tags" and
found these in addition to <cite>:

<dfn>Definition term</dfn>
<code>Computer code text</code>
<samp>Sample computer code text</samp>
<kbd>Keyboard text</kbd>

Also note that in the reference
http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_phrase_elements.asp these are referred to
as "phrase tag" elements, and when <cite> is used, the default browser CSS
renders the content in italics. They also state "None of the major browsers
display the cite attribute correctly" and that the <q> element should be
used in short quotes and <blockquote> should be used in long quotations.


John E. Brandt
Web Design, Development, Consultation
Augusta, Maine USA

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I usually use the <cite> element for book and periodical titles. At least, I
think that's what it's for...

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Here's another one that is almost silly: It's accepted to show the titles of
periodicals and books in italics. But if we follow that, should <em></em> be
used to create those italics online? And should "Emphasis" be used as the
style in Word? Or should we develop a different tag and style that gives the
same appearance but says "This is the title of a reference work"? (Perhaps
"we" have and I missed it.)