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Re: YouTube caption fonts


From: Terrill Thompson
Date: May 27, 2009 6:50PM

The keyboard shortcuts are documented here:

This is quotable: "While you can choose a caption track in the sub-menu, you
can also control captions with various keyboard short-cuts." Its true you
can control the size (with + and -) and background (with B) of the caption
text, but as far as I can tell Jim there's no keyboard shortcut for toggling
the captions off/on. The caption icon doesn't receive tab focus in either
IE7 or IE8.

Re-reading my original post, I see that I didn't really express that as a
question, but there is one in there. I'm wondering: How did the folks at
YouTube attain such a large default font on their captioned video?


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> A great feature.
> I tested with IE8, I can tab to the video, and access/operate all
> controls
> EXCEPT the caption button to turn on/off or select languages. When any
> of
> the buttons has focus the = and - keys also function to
> increase/decrease
> the size of the captions.
> Also tested with FF3. No keyboard access to the video. A known bug.
> Anyone been able to get to the CC button with the keyboard in IE8?
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> Subject: [WebAIM] YouTube caption fonts
> Anyone adding captions to YouTube videos? YouTube's video that they
> used to
> launch this feature has a really large font:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRS8MkLhQmM
> I know the user can increase font size with the + key (after clicking
> on the
> media player to give it focus). However, this particular YouTube video
> has a
> larger default font than any others I've seen, and when if I increase
> it to
> +3 (the maximum allowed), that is larger than +3 on other captioned
> videos.
> I've tried a larger value for [size] in the [subtitle] section of my
> subViewer file, as documented here:
> http://wiki.videolan.org/SubViewer
> However, that has no effect.
> Thanks!
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