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need help with video captions


From: Joe Clark
Date: Mar 26, 2002 2:34PM

>I'm in the process of sending a transcript of a soon to be released
>video on screen readers and the web.

Similar to _Introduction to the Screen Reader_? (We definitely need a
more Web-centric video.)

> As I transcribed the screen reader segments (many) it became clear
>to me that I didn't know what I was doing. Should I have not
>capitalized anything, and used comma's only as a break? Do I
>capitalize segments from the Web that were capitalilzed (e.g., "Top

When the screen reader pauses, you can punctuate appropriately. If
you have decent control over fonts (very unlikely), you could use
small caps:

TAB Community Info LINK
TAB M R Brown can moo, can you? LINK

For words actually originating from the Web page and not from the
screen reader's own voicing logic, caption them as you ordinarily
would. If the words are visible onscreen, match their appearance
(e.g., Community Info vs. COMMUNITY INFO vs. Community info), though
that part is not all *that* important, and if we did that on TV it
would be a nightmare.

I would also use a speaker ID other than SCREEN READER: and I like
VOICE: or even JAWS: or whatever instead.

>Heading level one, Top Sellers List
>Each week we poll our readers about their favorites
>and publish the top six selection in various categories.
>See what our readers have to say this week. Blank.
>Heading level two, Children's

That part looks good to me.

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