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RE: Underlined text on button


From: Emma Jane Hogbin
Date: Mar 27, 2002 10:00AM

>It has been proposed that access key 0 (zero) be assigned by authors to
>correspond to a link to an explanation of access key assignments.

I've always used zero for home. :/

The site I've just built for has:
0 for home
1 - 5 for content/sections
6 - 7 reserved for two new content sections I know we're going to be adding
in the next two-four months
8 - 9 for "features" (search input box and "skip to content")

> > The url posted here seems to suggest that screen
> > readers/aural browsers ignore the access key attribute.
> > Anyone know for sure?
>I'm afraid I don't understand the question.

Yeah, it didn't make much sense... what I meant to ask was this: does it
read out the access key attribute when it reads the link the way it would
read out the alt tag on an image. i.e. when it gets to:
<a href="bla.html" title="Blah" accesskey="0"> does it say "link Blah
access key assignment 0." My guess is that it does NOT read out the access
key assignment on a link.

>Alternatively, the explanations could appear on a page itself. Somewhere at
>the bottom probably. The problem is how make access key 0 take the user
>there. This might require trickery:

Interesting solution...I think I like it. But how would search engines deal
with it? Would they index it? Would it show up in the excerpt in the search
results page?

emma :)

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