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Are there MS Word Templates for MLA, APA and Chicago Styles that generate accessible documents?


From: Wayne Dick
Date: Jun 21, 2009 12:30PM

Hello Group,

I am trying to get a faculty
of 2-3,000 to produce
accessible instructional
materials. The overwhelming
majority of the faculty use MS
Office tools. Next fall, I
will teach accessibility
techniques like the WebAIM
tutorials, but they will be
customized to address academic
document production. I will
teach about 150 faculty
members as my kernel group.

Here is my question: Are there
office academic templates for
MLA, APA and the Chicago style
manuals that render accessible
results? I would prefer not to
develop these myself. Such
tools should probably exist if
we are every going to get
university faculty to
cooperate with accessibility

I know of several such
templates that don't produce
accessible output. I know of
the back end products that
do the best they can with
inaccessible Office Documents.
Neither work for my purposes.

So, help.

Wayne Dick, Professor
Computer Engineering and
Computer Science,
California State University,
Long Beach