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RE: Access Keys


From: Emma Jane Hogbin
Date: Mar 27, 2002 1:46PM

>Try: <img src="/images/transparentgif.gif" alt="Skip to content - Access key
>8" border="0">

I'd prefer not to put it in the ALT attribute as this pop-ups up visually
and I don't want to confuse people who know nothing about adaptive
technology (read: managers...). I try to match the ALT with the actual
words in the buttons and use the title attribute for the extra information.

>As for reading the TITLE attribute, I beleive that JAWS 3.x actually
>defaults to the Title attribute, for example:

And if there's not a title attribute, what does it read?

>(I note you do not specify Height and Width attributes of your transparent
>gif - is this deliberate?)

Nah. Just lazy. It's a 1x1 transparent gif.


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