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Multiple links, same name/purpose, different URL


From: J. B-Vincent
Date: Jun 23, 2009 2:40PM

Hi all:
What do people recommend for situations where there are multiple links with the same name and general purpose, but that each point to a different URL?
Example: An airline website that, as the result of a search, lists multiple flight options. Each option contains a link that says "Book this option!," which points to the URL for that particular option. When the links are extracted to a list by a screen reader user, they will hear "Book this option!" repeated multiple times with no clue as to which incidence is relevant to a flight they might want.
I can't remember if this has previously been discussed--if so, I'd very much appreciate being pointed to the thread. Otherwise, any thoughts or good implementations would also be appreciated. Thanks in advance--
Jane Vincent, Center for Accessible Technology