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Best practices for keyboard navigation of ARIA widgets


From: Claudia.Case@wellsfargo.com
Date: Jul 6, 2009 2:45PM

We're currently developing an ARIA date picker (calendar) widget that will open in a page overlay when activated. We're trying to make sure the navigation and operation of the widget is intuitive for all users (vision impaired or not, power user or not).

In the YUI video "Developing Accessible Widgets Using ARIA", Todd Kloots recommends AOL DHTML Style Guide for "best practices" regarding keyboard operation of ARIA widgets. Unfortunately, neither YUI or AOL's developer sites have an date picker (calendar) example that uses these standards.

I'd like to hear what others working with ARIA widgets (especially calendars) have to say with regards to the following questions:

1) What sources do you consider "best practices" for accessible keyboard navigation/operation of ARIA widgets?

2) Is the AOL DHTML Style Guide a good standard for keyboard "best practices" of ARIA widgets?

In case you want to check out either the YUI video or the AOL DHTML Style Guide, here are the links:
Link to YUI video: http://video.yahoo.com/watch/4073211/10996186
Link to AOL DHTML Style Guide: http://dev.aol.com/dhtml_style_guide


PS: I am cross-posting this to two discussion lists. My apologies if that means you get this posting twice.

Claudia Alden Case
Web User Experience & Accessibility Consultant | Wells Fargo Bank