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Re: Survey Monkey


From: Geof Collis
Date: Jul 7, 2009 2:40PM

Hi Donna

I've had issues with Server Monkey and my City in the past and some
of the problems were:

invalid code
no fieldset or legend elements
no label elements for form fields
required the use of the mouse to activate check boxes and other form elements
Required that Javascript be enabled.



At 03:45 PM 7/7/2009, you wrote:
>hi folks: i think that the forms that Survey Monkey
>http://www.surveymonkey.com/ makes aren't particularly accessible.
>are folks here familiar with it? can someone give me some "talking
>points" about why they shouldn't be used?
>a group i work with has used them and i'd like to be more informed about
>the accessibility issues, with Survey Monkey, so i can talk better with
>them about it.
>all the best
>Donna Jones
>(207) 772-0266