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Re: Safeway.com issues


From: Jennifer Sutton
Date: Jul 31, 2009 2:10PM


Randy, you might want to be aware that the "accessible" version of
Safeway's site lacks some of the features of the less accessible
one. for example, when I once tried it, it was harder to see the
sales. Maybe they've fixed that.

I dont tend to like "accessible" versions of sites since I don't find
that they're maintained. By the time I knew of the accessible one, I
already had some tricks for using the regular version sorted.

Once you've ordered a couple of times, you'll be able to use your
previous lists, and that may speed you.

On the normal site, for example, I sometimes add my whole previous
list to my shopping cart, then go through my cart to delete what I
don't need, and finally add anything new to my cart.

I use the regular Safeway interface all the time with
Window-Eyes. It's surely not easy, but it's far from the worst site
I've ever tried to use. It's the kind of site that becomes faster to
use with practice.

You might want to join a list where other blind Web surfers
participate, so you can learn some Safeway site tips. There are a
couple of lists for blind Mac users, such as the MacVisionaries list,
for example, where you might find some VoiceOver-centric tips.

Good luck.


At 10:18 AM 7/31/2009, you wrote:
>Right, for me it wasn't accessible at all. I called corporate, and
>they gave me the accessible site, shop.safeway.com/access. Trying it
>now. Should have made the call before ramblind here ;)