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Re: Title attributes on images and links


From: E.J. Zufelt
Date: Aug 5, 2009 4:30AM

On 5-Aug-09, at 6:16 AM, Oliver Secluna wrote:

> I totally agree with this, and also don't like using 'more info' for
> link text. However I work in a commercial environment where there is a
> separation between us technical folk who do the coding and the clients
> and designers who come up with the interface design. As a compromise
> solution, where I have no control over the design or text that appears
> on the page I use title text as a backup for accessibility and SEO.
E - Not sure if you're aware, but many screen-reader, and keyboard-
only, users do not have access to the title attribute, particularly
for links that have some link text. See the RNIB article that
Benjamin referenced at http://tinyurl.com/25lf7a [RNIB]

> Whether this is the best compromise or not, is open to discussion of
> course.
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>> Sorry to take this a little off-topic but if you really must open new
>> windows (and I don't wish to re-enter that
> argument<http://diveintoaccessibility.org/day_16_not_opening_new_windows
> .h
>> tml>)
>> then "opens in a new window" would be considered far too valuable to
> be
>> hidden in title text as it can easily be missed by non-disabled users
>> (it's
>> only appears at the last moment before a (sighted, mouse-using) user
> has
>> 'clicked' on a link.