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Re: Expansions, ALTs and [was]Re: Acronyms and abbreviations


From: Holly Marie
Date: Mar 28, 2002 6:55AM

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From: "Holly Marie"

| When quoting sources or using quoting tags, it is also often
| to put the Cite right in the tag? And this is another issue I wonder
| about. Does that screen reader/speaker stop and read out that quoted
| source and URL(universal resource locator) - outloud? before or after
| the quoted material or excerpt? And how?

Maybe the print style guide methods are really a better in this case. So
is that inside attribute for Citing good or not?
Using footnotes to quoted material [not the best method for Internet]
Placing the source immediately following such quoted material [possibly
better, in case a document or text is not printed in full context]

And then a Visual user could have access to this information, upon
visually reading or printing the material.


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