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EASI: Planning a 4-part Webinar series on social media and accessibility (fwd)


From: Jennison Mark Asuncion
Date: Aug 26, 2009 7:05AM


Thought some here might find this of interest.


Jennison Asuncion
Co-Director, Adaptech Research Network http://www.adaptech.org
LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/in/jennison

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Subject: [Athen] EASI: Planning a 4-part Webinar series on social media and

I am looking for helpers and for ideas. EASI provides Webinars on a variety of
topics. Social media is so popular that we need to address it
........ ..... ....... ......

First I need to confess that I have deliberately tried to avoid social media
and therefore am more ignorant than I should be. I still doubt that I'll ever
become a fan. However, EASI (Equal Access to software and information) is
dedicated to helping people, especially those who are not technical wizards
about technology and accessibility. I admit that I have been proven wrong as I
thought these things would be a short-lived fad and quickly fade away. I feel
it is our responsibility to gather information on social media, what it is and
how it works and especially how it can function for people with disabilities.
So, here I am eating my words and planning to sponsor a 4-part series of

Being more or less ignorant, I am looking for people who know something and who
are somewhat fans of these media.

I approached Jennison Asuncion, Co-Director with the Adaptech Research Network,
to take the lead in planning a series and in locating people who would be
willing to help put on these Webinars.

I am asking him to disseminate this plea for help and to take the helm in
getting the project planned and started. I am picturing 4 hour-long Webinars
starting about mid October and going into mid November ending before the US

Next is which social media should we cover?
Fortunately, I have a good friend, Dr. Denise Wood, from the University of
Southern Australia who has jumped into Second Life working with various people
and exploring ways to make this advanced technology more accessible for people
with all disabilities. She has volunteered to do one of these Webinars which
leaves us 3 others to decide on and plan.

I assume we want to cover Twitter, Myspace, facebook, maybe Linkedin and blogs.
I need advice. Can some of these be merged into a single presentation? Which
ones would best fit together if we do that? Would we want to include youtube
in the series or is it different enough to leave out? Would it merit a single
Webinar of its own?

Please interact with Jennison at <EMAIL REMOVED> Suggest format ideas.
Volunteer for some part of the series. Norm Coombs
Professor Emeritus RIT.