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Re: Help Wanted -- Accessibility Problems


From: slq2b
Date: Jun 11, 2001 4:26PM

It does look like you will have only a few changes to make in order to have
your site pass bobby. However, that does not necessarily mean the site is
I had our assistive technology expert view your pages with the JAWS screen
reader. The usembassy.state.gov/pakistan read ok but the text version was
incomplete and contained images with odd alt tags.
All the links on the usembassy.state.gov/islamabad page except for the email
link are invisible to JAWS. From my understanding Applet links are not
processed by screen readers. I hear that there are ways to overcome that.
Perhaps someone else could shed some light on that. Refer to the WAI's
checkpoint 6 at http://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG10/#Guidelines.
Also check out http://www.webaim.org/resources/ for more information.
Shane Anderson
Software Developer
Web Accessibility in Mind - http://www.WebAIM.org

>===== Original Message From WebAIM accessibility forum
< <EMAIL REMOVED> > ====>Dear Friends:
>I am Fuwad Ilyas, Webmaster, U.S. Embassy Islamabad,
>pakistan. I am working on my website to make it
>Section 508 (ADA) Compliance. I donot know where the
>problem is. I have fix all ALT tags. I am checking my
>website with Bobby (http://www.cast.org/bobby) out
>website is at (http://usembassy.state.gov/pakistan)
>and (http://usembassy.state.gov/islamabad)
>I have tried to fix Priority 1 error on these pages.
>But could not find out remaining problems.
>Please have a look at these two pages and give me
>Fuwad Ilyas
>American Embassy Islamabad Pakistan
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