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From: Leo Smith
Date: Apr 1, 2002 1:22PM


What email list is this that you refer to? O'Reilly's or WestCiv's?

How does one subscribe?



On 27 Mar 2002, at 20:02, Holly Marie wrote:

......there are new items cropping up constantly on a really
> great CSS list by Eric Meyer(O'Reilly _The Definitive Guide to CSS_ ,
> an O'Reilly pocket reference, and many web sites) and John Alsopp's
> (web site www.WestCiv.com) . List started just this late January and
> must have generated several thousand emails already, in just a few
> months, over various topics of CSS including some use of CSS and code
> for accessible reasons. So, the awareness is out there, and that is
> also very good.

Leo Smith
Web Designer/Developer
USM Office of Publications and Marketing
University of Southern Maine

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